What We Do

What We Do

We make existing (or new) packaging compliant for sales in the Canadian Marketplace.

We are your answer to making your product market-ready in Canada.
McLaughlin Creative Communications

• Will maintain your graphic integrity while making the bilingual transition.
• We are very flexible …
mccinfopak – will work as art directors, directing your designers.
mccinfopak – can make the art changes directly from your files.
mccinfopak – is able to design a new branding concept for your product or service.

Send us your existing package or label for a quote |  quote@mccinfopak.com

“After attempting to Canadianize our Spa Line of Body & Skin Care products ourselves, we found McLaughlin Creative Communications. Thanks to them progress was finally made!”
Sarina Boudreaux,
Planet Beach Corporation

McLaughlin Creative Communications | 5725 Byng Ave., Niagara Falls, ON Canada L2G 5C9
O 905.374.4025  | 1.800.infopak C  905.374.7577 |  sales@mccinfopak.com

Please note that McLaughlin Creative Communications [MCC] in no way replaces the duties and /or the responsibilities of the Canadian Government Food Branch or CFIA and their label review board.
By using MCC you are saving time in the labelling review process.